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Hi everyone!

First of all, thanks to everyone who is following me -- I really appreciate the support! I took a hiatus from DA and drawing in general last summer after getting a new day job. I'm just now getting back into the swing of things, and while I'm a little rusty art-wise, I'm trying to get back to sketching daily and improving my coloring and drawing skills. I've also got a Tumblr account now:, in addition to my Flickr account at twentyhandstall.

I'm hoping to make New York Comic Con this year (fingers crossed they approve my table request!), and if I do make I'd like to have some sketchbooks printed up to sell there. Wanna help me raise the money to print these up? Commission me!

Commission list is now open, with money earned from these going to my book printing fund. I'm happy to do M/M or F/F couples, furry, and tasteful nudity is okay. Nothing explicit please! There are two options for commissions -- you can get a monochromatic piece (cheaper! you choose the color!) or a full color piece (colorful! slightly spendier!) If you're interested or have any questions, message me through DA or send me an email at

Here are some examples, you can see the full size images in my gallery.